Fish and Livestock

Our vast array of marine and aquatic fish and livestock.

We are extremely proud in offering only sustainable coral, fish and invertebrates. Many of our corals and fish are aquacultured, maricultured or hand-net caught in the most humane  and responsible conditions possible. If you are looking for some of the best selection and pricing in the Northwest we are your aquarium source! If you want something custom ordered or found we can special order through our world-wide network of vetted collectors, farmers and exporters. We have so much to show you in the way of saltwater fish, tropical freshwater fish, coral colonies and coral fragments. We stock a vast selection of invertebrates, soft corals, polyps as well as both SPS  and LPS corals (stonies). Our huge selection of aquatic species are truly something we are very proud of.

saltwater fish

Saltwater Fish

We pride ourselves in having a large selection of quality, healthy Saltwater Fish. Our fish come to us from sustainable hand net divers, mariculture, and aquaculture facilities all over the world. Our fish are carefully hand selected for health and quality and are treated with the best possible care throughout the acquisition, transit, and holding process.

freshwater fish

Freshwater Fish

You asked for it and we listened. We carry one of Salem Oregon’s largest selection of freshwater fish. We give them the same care and attention that you have come to expect from us. From Bettas to Plecos and huge variety in between. Come down and see our great selection and prices on tropical fish. As with our marine species, our freshwater stock is also acquired through only the best vendors and farmers.

freshwater plants

Freshwater Plants and Invertebrates

Want a tank with a focus on plants or need some freshwater invertebrates? We have a HUGE variety of freshwater plants to purchase. In addition to plants we also carry a wide array of freshwater inverts such as snails and shrimp to help with tank maintenance and keep your water clean. Plus… They look awesome!



There is an amazing number of different coral species available for your aquarium. We carry a large number of species from tank raised and maricultured to sustainably harvested corals. We understand and help advise on proper water conditions, care and guidelines. We carry Zoas(Zoanthids), Softies, SPS(ex. Acropora), LPS  and so much more.


Saltwater Invertebrates

We have a large selection of utility and ornamental inverts. We carry starfish, shrimp, snails, clams, anemones  and so much more. All come from the same suppliers where we acquire our sustainable and responsibly collected livestock. Our selection is colorful, unusual and you are sure to find something for your tank.

Looking for a certain species?

Call or visit to find out if we have a certain species in stock! Our stock continually changes and we would love to show you our newest animals!

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