Aquarium Supplies

The supplies and accessories to make your aquarium great.

Aquarium supplies are the boring stuff. They are the dry goods, food, algae magnets, fish nets, filter medium and the pH testing kits. They are also the things that can make or break  your aquarium or take it to the next level. We sell only quality aquarium supplies and accessories that we ourselves DO or would use. More importantly we sell a wide range of options that will fit your needs from quality distributors. As always our aquarium supplies and accessories are affordable. In addition to water quality and aquarium livestock, the supplies are an integral part of your tanks success.

lighting supplies


We have a wide variety of lighting equipment and LED lighting solutions, Actinic lighting fixtures, as well as fluorescent bulbs, plant bulbs and more for every wavelength and style. We do make custom orders for any items we don’t have in stock.


aquarium salt and live sand

Salt and Sand Maintenance

We carry RO and pre-made saltwater. For salt we carry Kent, Instant ocean, Reef Crystals, Brightwell, Redsea, Redsea coral pro, aquavitro salinity, and H20 ocean proplus. We stock Carib Seas and Natures Oceans sand.


Fish food

Fish Food

A good diet for your fish and  livestock is an essential component of  their health. We stock a large supply of food for everything including live food, dry food, worms, and flakes.


aquarium chemicals


Keep your nitrates in check, your pH where it needs to be and keep your water in tip top shape. We have a full range of test kits, additives and all the chemicals you will need for clean healthy water.


live rock

Live Rock

We have tons of pre-cured live rock for your tank. We carry Dry base Rock, Tonga branch rock, Fiji rock, and Jet set Bali rock.


Get the aquarium supplies you need!

Our large selection of aquarium, chemical, and dry goods are affordable. Contact us or come by and check out our stocks.
Whether is is for routine maintenance or you just need a little something new we have you covered.

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